New Maternal Health Video Series

The ‘BELIEVE Birth Innovation Conversations’ video series aims to inspire change in maternal healthcare. Covering a variety of maternal health topics with industry experts, each video reel is a snippet of insight taken from interviews with leaders in this space. We’re on a mission to innovate health training. Learn and innovate with us. 

Watch the BELIEVE Birth Video Playlist here.

LaToshia Rouse, Birth Sisters Doula, on “How can we better integrate holistic approaches into maternity care?” She considers the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of wellness.

Dr. George Bugg, Reaching Our Brothers Everywhere, on “How can healthcare providers actively involve Black community members in the design and evaluation of maternal health programs to ensure cultural relevance and effectiveness and foster authentic community engagement?”

Dr. Kimarie Bugg, Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere, on how academic institutions can help reduce maternal health disparities and building trust in their communities through authentic, trusting partnerships.

Join us each week as we listen to leaders in this space share ways we can better serve Black birthing people and support their care teams. You can view the entire BELIEVE Birth Video Playlist here.

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Watch and share with your networks. Building Equitable Linkages With Interprofessional Education Valuing Everyone: The BELIEVE team believes that safe, respectful, and equitable care for pregnant people begins with well-trained, respectful, and safe healthcare teams and healthcare systems.

We all matter, and we should all be safe, respected, and valued.

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